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Below is a brief history  of Heal Our Church's efforts to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission with the Archbishop.  Each box below tells of one piece of the journey.  The "See Document" button at the bottom of each box is a link to the corresponding document.

History of HOC Communication with Archdiocese

Heal Our Church invites the Archdiocese to participate with us in this long delayed and critically needed undertaking.

Reflections on the wait time for meeting with Archbishop

Holy Father’s prayer intention is for the increased role of the laity in our Church

Summary of meeting with Archbishop

Archbishop expresses willingness to continue dialogue

NW Catholic rejects Heal Our Church ad

The Archbishop sends letter to priests, deacons and pastoral coordinators about Seattle Times HOC article.

HOC asks Archbishop to prayerfully consider signing a Joint Statement as an indication of support for the goals of HOC.

The Seattle Times recognizes stonewalling by Chancery

Archbishop wishes to establish Pastoral Plan and would be willing to meet with HOC after Pentecost

Archbishop not willing to engage in mediation

Archbishop agrees to meet, but it remains unscheduled

Archbishop declines HOC webinar invitation

Archbishop offers dates for meeting with HOC

HOC proposes mediated discussion.

Sent draft of possible ad to NW Catholic.

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