Heal Our Church Webinar, Oct 3, 2020

Thank You for Registering for the Webinar


We, at Heal Our Church(HOC), are very grateful to you for registering for our very successful webinar held on Saturday, Oct. 3.  We have received many excellent and thoughtful comments  and are processing the feedback that many of you have provided to help implement our goal of establishing a Truth and Reconciliation process. 

Given this very important period in our country, we will be following up with specifics soon after the current election season. Also, please consider volunteering and what role you might play to help us with our important work.  

Again, thank you for your support for Heal Our Church and we look forward to further communication in the future.  Note that the webinar remains on our website for interested persons.   Thank you.

Click below to see the recording of our community webinar, held 10/3/2020.