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34 Alleged Child Abusers newly Identified in New Jersey

(Newark, NJ) – Through lawsuits filed against the Catholic Archdiocese and Dioceses in New Jersey under the Victims’ Rights Bill, 34 alleged perpetrators have been publicly accused of sexual abuse for the first time. They are:

Fr. Richard Carrington (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. Edward O’Neill (Diocese of Trenton)

Fr. Henry Murphy (Diocese of Trenton)

Fr. John J. Gurski (Archdiocese of Newark) Thomas I. Flynn (Diocese of Trenton)

Fr. Peter C. Del Negro (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. Allan Weber (Archdiocese of Newark) Msgr. Robert P. Egan (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. George Brembos (Diocese of Trenton) Br. James Kelly, C.F.C. (Archdiocese of Newark)

Jeffrey Horohonich (Archdiocese of Newark)

Lawrence Farley (Archdiocese of Newark)

Msgr. Paul Schetelick (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. Peter Cebulka (Diocese of Trenton)

Fr. Joao Bosco Lima (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. John Murphy (Archdiocese of Newark) Fr. John Eagan (Diocese of Trenton)

Fr. Silverius J. Quigley, O. Carm. (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. John J. Egan (Archdiocese of Newark) Fr. William G. Mink (Archdiocese of Newark)

Br. Joseph Heeney, OSB (Archdiocese of Newark)

Br. Peter Louis, F.M.S. (Archdiocese of Newark)

John O’Neill (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. Thomas McGaHee, S.D.B. (Diocese of Paterson)

Fr. Frank Hofgartner (Diocese of Paterson) Fr. John Biermann, S.A.C. (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. Michael McGuire (Diocese of Metuchen) Fr. William Smalley (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. Peter F. Zemeikis (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. Stanley S. Kostrzomb (Archdiocese of Newark)

Fr. William Fitzgerald (Diocese of Trenton) Joseph A. Ruddy (Archdiocese of Newark) Corrordo Diamante (Archdiocese of Newark)

Joseph E. Pietrzak (Diocese of Metuchen)

Five of the accused offenders are alive and it is unknown whether they still have access to children:

  • Paul Schetelick – A video on the Bukas Loob sa Diyos YouTube channel shows Msgr. Paul Schetlick conducting service in April 2020.

  • Richard Carrington – A 2019 bulletin lists Fr. Richard Carrington as pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes in Mountainside, NJ.

  • Edward O’Neill – The website for St. John Vianney lists Fr. Edward O’Neill as pastor emeritus.

  • Thomas McGaHee, S.D.B. – The website for Saint John Bosco Church in Harvey, LA lists Fr. Thomas MaGaHee at Archbishop Shaw High School in Marrero, LA.

We call on the Catholic Bishops in New Jersey to come clean to the public about what they know about these perpetrators,” said attorney Jeff Anderson. “Catholic officials are harboring perpetrators at grave peril to the public, and they must be removed immediately to protect children.”

Survivors of sexual abuse have until November 30, 2021, to file a lawsuit under the New Jersey Victims’ Rights Bill. If you were sexually abused as a child in New Jersey, no matter how old you were, no matter when the abuse occurred, you still have rights and you can still take action, but time is running out.


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