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Call To Action Speaks Out About Archbishop Dolan and President Trump

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

As Catholics, we are called to follow the life and witness of Jesus Christ, who articulated his mission in these words from the book of Luke. We are called to express faithful solidarity with the poor and the incarcerated. We are called to live our faith in the public square, through protest, political engagement, and public actions that promote peace and justice. 

This is why Call to Action’s Vision Council was outraged to hear about the recent phone call that Catholic bishops and leaders had with high-profile members of the Trump administration. On this call, Catholic bishops and leaders praised the president, never once speaking a word about the harm his policies have done to the poor and the planet. After the call, Cardinal Timothy Dolan appeared on Fox News to “salute [Trump’s] leadership.” Catholics are not called to salute a presidency that promotes racism and hatred. We are called to follow the way of the crucified Christ, and to promote Gospel policies that reject white supremacy.

It is wrong for Catholic leaders to salute a President whose administration has encouraged white supremacy and hatred. That’s why on Friday May 8, from 1-3pm Call to Action is organizing a phone zap to call US bishops, urging them to speak out against Cardinal Dolan’s praise for Trump. 

Register for the phone zap HERE. Advance registration is required to receive call-in information. You’ll receive a call script and talking points at the beginning of the call. 

Donald Trump’s presidency runs counter to Christ’s message in the book of Luke. It has not been a presidency that puts the needs of the poor and the incarcerated front and center. To the contrary, his administration has promoted racist policies of police militarization, immigrant detention and scapegoating, Islamophobia and xenophobia. He has promoted policies that allow his billionaire cronies to make exorbitant profits off of the backs and labor of working people. He has hastened environmental destruction by promoting endless war and dismissing climate change as a hoax. His policies run counter to Catholic Social Teaching, and to the witness of Pope Francis. Trump’s presidency has harmed the poor and the planet, and Catholics must condemn it as a threat to faith and fairness. Today, bishops must join the Catholic sisters and Catholic leaders who have already urged Cardinal Dolan to reject Trump’s “notorious...lying” and “extreme cruelty.”

The US bishops must join faithful Catholics in rejecting Dolan’s unholy alliance with Trump’s white supremacy. Join CTA in making phone calls to US bishops on Friday May 8 from 1-3 pm CT (2-4 pm ET/11 am-1 pm PT). 

We urge Catholic leaders and bishops who have chosen alliances with Trump over solidarity with the poor: repent! Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel. It is not too late to choose God’s vision of peace and justice over Trump’s vision of white supremacy, racism, and xenophobia. Instead of creating opportunistic and dangerous alliances with this administration, we urge you to express solidarity with:

Faithful Catholics across the globe must rise up against white supremacy, war, anti-immigrant xenophobia, and discrimination of all kinds. We can and we must build a new church and a new world together. To do so, we must reject our leaders’ dangerous alliances with the Trump administration. 

Join CTA as we make phone calls to US bishops on Friday, May 8 from 1-3 pm CT (2-4 pm ET/11am-1 pm PT). Now is the time for our bishops to speak out!

Join for a short training and to make calls with fellow Catholics. You will receive a script with talking points during the call. 

CTA is a member organization that relies on our community for support.

Donate today to support our work.

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