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Heal Our Church is committed to truth and reconciliation for survivors of clerical abuse.  We are pursuing our goal of recognizing the importance of the laity in our Church.  
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Justice Denied strongly disagrees with the recent decision by Judge Michael Scott regarding the Attorney General's investigation of the Catholic archdioceses in Washington state and support the appeal of the case. The ruling goes against the grain of numerous other states which have initiated similar investigations. LETS'S BE CLEAR: WHAT THE COURT DECIDED HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRACTICE OF RELIGION! For years, the hierarchy of the Church in our area has resisted transparency regarding the files relating to the ongoing clergy sexual abuse scandal. Yet, cases continue to be filed. Archbishop Etienne's statements about cooperating with the Attorney General are a smokescreen preventing the public from information relating to a coverup and failure to protect minors and children. Again we ask: If you have nothing to hide, why are you resisting the investigation? remains committed to doing what we can to inform the public and support the Attorney General's efforts at achieving full transparency and accountability.

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